Priority Product Support for
Veteran-Owned Businesses

Register your Veteran-Owned business for priority product support. Spartan Medical provides a tier-1 support service to help veteran-owned businesses with strategic sourcing and medical products distribution.

priority product support

Spartan Medical Solutions proudly supports veteran-owned businesses with our exclusive Tier-1 Product Support Team consisting of procurement, product management, logistics and financing resources to help you source products competitively, from anywhere in the world, win bids, and deliver product.

Priority support 24 hours a day and a dedicated product manager who will manage your support needs.

Leverage the Spartan’ Made in USA product assortment to improve your competitive opportunities.

More products for your customers. Not only can we match specifications or manufacture to order, we can widen your product options by sourcing more of the products that your customers already need. 

Product management support team to help you meet high-volume bid opportunities and help you navigate compliance requirements. 

We've got youcovered

We supply an expansive assortment of Personal Protective Equipment including products that are Proudly Made in USA. We can match your specifications from existing lines or manufacture to your precise requirements.


Supporting the 2.5 Million Veteran-Owned Businesses

Spartan Medical Solutions is led by veteran-family members who support  the 2.5 million, veteran-owned businesses that generate more than $1 trillion in annual sales and invest more than $200 billion in payroll for nearly 6 million employees. 

Register Your Veteran Owned Business

Tier-1 support for qualifying veteran-owned businesses

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