100M Cranberry Evolve, OTG LA with Simple Account Statement

This lot includes 100M Cranberry Evolve, priced at $27.00, inclusive of a $1.00 commission. The lot is 100% OTG in the Los Angeles Area, and the prospective buyer can take over the warehouse lease upon successful completion of the transaction. Commissions There is no specific provision for a mandate share of the commissions. Of the […]

Cranberry Ready-Stock, OTG with FCO

Private Seller and allocation holder with Ready-Stock OTG in the United States. This product is located in Cranberry Warehouses. This is clean, ready-stock and the buyer will be the first title holder. The seller will provide a Full-Corporate Offer and this lot features a 2% performance penalty.

500M Cardinal with 2% Performance Penalty

Supplier is a reliable Tier-1 3M Distributor. A T1 distributor receives the product first before others and regularly receives various product / LOTS that others have but do not close.

200M Cranberry with SGS after DD

Ex-Government Official whose organization purchases a large volume of production stock direct from Cranberry. They have an agreement in place with Cranberry whereby they take failed lots from official cranberry distributors where buyer couldn’t fund and sell on their behalf. Further, they have a letter of authority from Cranberry confirming right to sell.

1B Cranberry Evolve with LOA

Trusted source with a total of 80B OTG USA with SGS in-hand. Our liaison is direct to the title holder, who can provide an LOA upon request after DD is complete.