Cranberry Evolve Financed CIF – REBEL

Cranberry Evolve CIF

Pricing & QuantitiesNo minimum or maximum quantitiesMFG Out-the-door Price: $19.50*Logistics and Financing: $1.75**Procurement Fee: $1.00Total Cost Per Box: $22.25 Discovery and Readiness AssessmentKYC+AML, Procurement AgreementICPO Issued to SupplierDraft SPA Provided to BuyerSPA Executed between Buyer, Financier, Manufacturer Deposit with ManufacturerFinance Company Pays Deposit Deposit with FinancierOption 1: SBLC (2 Month’s Value)Option 2: Escrow (2 Month’s […]

Cranberry Evolve Production FOB – REBEL

Pricing & QuantitiesNo minimum or maximum quantities$20.50 Per Box Quantities subject to MFG approvalFOB is $19.50 with $1.00 Procurement Fee Discovery and Readiness AssessmentKYC+AML, Procurement AgreementICPO Issued to SupplierDraft SPA Provided to Buyer Deposit with ManufacturerOption 1: 50% of 1 Month’s ValueOption 2: 10% of total Contract Value Logistics: Arranged by Buyer At Port of […]

Cranberry Evolve OTG

KYC+AMLMust identify the Economic Owner of the Funds (“EOF”) Consultation Between Buyer & SellerSeller engages immediately with a Qualified Buyer to review transaction and confirm SOP Signed SOP AcknowledgmentBoth parties sign and acknowledge the agreed-upon steps Buyer Provides: ICPO, LOADocuments requested from the principal listed on KYC (LOA may be optional) Seller Provides: FCO or […]

Cranberry Evolve, Custom Structure

Discovery: ConsultationConfirm business requirements and financial capabilities + logistics KYC+AML Consultation: Specifying Transactional StructureSeller can accommodate unique features for a qualified buyer including:Delivery: From distribution center to buyer warehousing (DDP)Logistics: Assisting buyer with securing additional warehouse capacity Proof of Funds & Proof of Product: Ability to accommodate and provide mutually acceptable solutions ICPOSeller Due DiligenceTransactional […]

Cranberry Evolve 500K to 5M OTG

500K to 10M – Cranberry Evolve OTG R&E Contracts Available Location: Southern California Low Market Price and Lean Comms, but Real Opportunity  Pricing & Commissions 500K to 5M with R&E $26.50 / $0.40 COMMS Pricing cannot be marked upSeller pays fees —  KYC+AML Discovery ICPO Seller’s Due Diligence & Options: Option 1: Qualified Buyer Receives POL Option 2: Requires Certified Bank Statement Option 3: Requires Escrow […]

Cranberry Production (CIF or FOB)

Cranberry Evolve CIF

Overview Product is standard Cranberry Evolve, Nitrile, Power-Free, Patient Examination Gloves in 300 count boxes. These are not CT (Chemo-Tested) Gloves. Product is Manufactured in Malaysia shipped from South Korea to Southern California CIF. FOB South Korea also available. A qualified buyer must demonstrate FDA Authorization to import medical equipment. About the Seller:Authorized Cranberry Seller […]

1 Million Boxes Cranberry Evolve OTG Texas

Cranberry Evolve (300ct) Nitrile Examination Gloves

Overview One million to 10 million boxes of Cranberry Evolve (300 Count), Powder-Free, Nitrile, Patient Examination Gloves are immediately available, and on-the-ground in Texas, USA. These are “standard” Cranberry Evolve, not “Chemo-Tested”. Requirements:The seller requires that funds are in escrow prior to an inspection being scheduled. The reason for this is that escrow offers the […]

5 Million Boxes Cranberry Evolve

Cranberry Evolve (300ct) Nitrile Examination Gloves

Transactional Procedures Reliable supply of Cranberry Evolve Nitrile Gloves. These gloves are direct to the titleholder of the product with the source of the supply being southern california. Download Pricing and Procedures Guide for Detailed Information Consultation with BuyerBuyer must disclose source-of-funding to confirm they are legally engaged with an entity that can purchase the […]

1 Million Boxes Cranberry Evolve

Cranberry Evolve (300ct) Nitrile Examination Gloves

Transactional Procedures Although there have been significant improvements in the Global Supply Chain for Nitrile Gloves, there are still global shortages and disrupted supply for these vital protective gear. Cranberry Evolve, is a reliable patient examination glove that offers moderate protection in minimal-risk medical environments. It is further used by nursing and medical staff for […]

100M Cranberry Evolve (300ct) Southern California

Cranberry Evolve (300ct) Nitrile Examination Gloves

The available product is Cranberry Evolve OTG USA and the Cranberry private seller is the owner of the goods. Each box is a 300ct box and the product is of non-Chinese origin. Transactional Procedures Consultation with BuyerBuyer provides Source-of-Funding (Entity Name)Compliance Officer utilizes 3rd Party Due-Diligence service for approval to confirm liquidity, and that no […]