Trade Solutions

Procurement Solutions & Trade Finance

As your global procurement consulting partner, we provide a reliable pathway to help enterprise buyers streamline the strategic sourcing and finance of reliable medical supplies, trade financing and physical commodities including fuel and agriculutral.

Strategic advisors and consultants - our solutions provide a fully-integrated suite of procurement, supply-chain logistics and trade financing for import and export.

Strategic Procurement

We source from global manufacturers and distributors with a catalog consisting of tens of thousands of medical supplies, from hospital consumables, precise surgical instruments and complex medical devices such as ventilators.

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Sales Enablement

Customer and revenue acquisition in target verticals. Mothership manages a measurable pipeline of qualified opportunities - advancing them through each consultative sales stage, to long term, client retention.

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Trade Financing

Strategic relationships - global ecosystem of pharmaceutical manufacturers for both branded and generic products. We provide supply solutions that meet compliance, regulatory, and simple transfer of custody to the buyer.

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